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Arbiter Studio AKITSU

Pre-orders: Closed
Production: In Progress
Shipping to Warehouse: TBA



Q: Why are we doing pre-orders?

A: As a smaller business, it is hard for us to wait 1-2 months for a return on investment. We normally only have pre-orders on more expensive items for these reasons.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of pre-orders?

A: Limitations will be based on the specific product for pre-order. 

For LGG mousepad pre-orders there are no limits to how many you order. 

Q: If I don't pre-order when will I be able to get one?

A: Yes, pre-orders are usually just for the first batch of air freight while we wait on the bulk to come via sea freight.

Q: Can I cancel/edit my pre-order after I have placed it?

A: Yes! You can cancel or edit your pre-order up to 30 days after the date pre-orders opened. You can do so via your customer account page or order confirmation email.

Q: If I order other items at the same time as my pre-order will they be shipped immediately or will they ship together?

A: Any other regular in-stock items purchased with your pre-order will be shipped with your pre-order. 

Q: I placed a pre-order but I don’t want it anymore, can I get a refund?

A: Yes. Simply cancel the order on your customer account page or at the bottom of your order confirmation email. You can do so for up to 30 days after the date of the pre-orders opening.

Q: I pre-ordered but I need to change my mailing address.

A: We can easily do that for you! Simply contact support with your order number, email used on the order, and the updated address.



Q: Is there a shipping charge/fee?

A: Yes. You will have to pay for shipping.

Q: Can I order other products along with my pre-order?

A: Yes, however, they will ship together. This means you may be waiting a while on the other items even if we have them in stock.