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[About Shan Hai Series]
In ancient times, there was the Shan Hai Jing, which vividly describes the nine provinces of China.

The Shan Hai series products will mainly use solid color, retaining the original texture and fluffiness of the fabric. The bottom glue chose the Japanese Inoue PORON (diamond pattern and glossy surface) with a thickness of 4mm to reduce the bottom touch caused by compression, and uniform rebound gives hand support feedback.

The Shan Hai series currently has five products: Chuan Yun, Lei Ling, Kun Lun, Feng Ling, and Tang Dao, which use five different weaves and different textures of fabrics, from smooth to fine, speed to balance to control. To meet different game types, usage habits, and application scenarios.

Each of the five products currently has two colors - black and pink. The black one is paired with a 4mm diamond-patterned PORON bottom, and the pink one is paired with a 4mm glossy PORON bottom.

Speed | _ * _ _ _ | Control

Lei Ling
The surface fabric uses a highly dense three-dimensional weaving process, which provides a fine grain texture. The high hardness weaving thread makes the surface texture clear, with consistent XY axis feel, and is friendly to sweaty hands. It has a fast start and strong control and is a controllable speed type.

Product Specifications:
Fabric: Super Dense Random Weave
Base Material: Inoue PORON
Thickness: 4mm
Size: 480mm*400mm
Flexibility: Can be rolled, but cannot be rolled backward

About the Base Material:

The 4mm Japanese Inoue PORON base comes in two types: diamond pattern and glossy surface, to cater to different usage habits and scenarios.
The black version uses diamond pattern PORON, while the pink version uses mirror surface PORON.

About the Edge:
The super dense edge wrapping process has optimized the edge locking process, resulting in delicate edge stitching. The edge wrapping is lower than the surface of the mouse pad, providing comfortable use for both arm and wrist players.

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