PELZ Mousepad

Color: Black
Base: Extra Soft

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is the high-performance pad meant for all games. A hybrid pad featuring sub-edge stitching, which is lower than the surface of the pad itself.

We use a custom PU base that is very sticky on any surface in both versions, 3.5mm and 4.5mm.

Needless to say, we chose this surface and base combination to bring an awesome overall gaming experience at a pro player level to our clients all over the world.

This pad has already achieved one title and was used by a player who won the ESL CS finals while using this pad.


This uncoated pro-performance surface is made for fast shooter games with an extended control level, which will also lead to decent performance in games like Valorant and CS. Our aim was to create a more controlled version of the famous WALHAUT with a softer surface feeling and a less abrasive, rough texture. The surface provides good feedback to the mouse and hand while using PTFE, glass, or sapphire skates, making it suitable for any type of skates and skate sizes. Overall, it's a top-tier luxury hybrid for daily use in the home office and in matchmaking.

The pad was tested with most of the sleeve variants, including very stubborn and rough sleeves, and has shown no increase in overall friction on the sleeves nor a higher degree of wearing down. Due to the high pressure on the sub-level edges in the 4.5mm version caused by the thickness of the pad itself and the super low-leveled and slim edges, there is a higher chance of seam loosening on the edges, but it's overall very rare.


PELZ and RIZZ can be cleaned under warm water without the use of cleaning agents. The material is not suited for hot water.

Lint rollers can be used to clean the surface but not the PU.

For more stubborn dirt, we will introduce a bio-based active cleaning agent soon (and yes, it will make BELUGA white again 😉).

- Hybrid soft-feel surface maintaining a medium glide
- Soft custom IPU base
- Sub-edge stitching
- 3.5mm and 4.5mm options
- Black and Red
- 490mm x 417mm

To AVOID misunderstandings, we want to clarify that the sold pad is not made with PORON, advertised as, or meant to be called a PORON PAD! The PU used is called this way by many brands and manufacturers, but it's NOT!

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