Nitro-Factory nTech Fit Spacer for VG-A1 Finalmouse S (FMS)


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nTechFit-Spacer is a part that allows you to customize nTechFit to suit you.
The grip system of the VG-a1 remains the same, but you can fine-tune it to suit your finger length and hand width.

In order to improve the discomfort and cramped feeling around the little finger that Victory owners tend to experience, the nTech Fit VG-a1 fms is designed to allow the little finger to be gripped in a more natural position. Aftermarket parts.
nTechFit-Spacer for VG-a1 fms comes with 3 types of spacers:
- Loosen the angle of the little finger: dec
- Make the angle of the little finger steep: inc
- Increase the thickness of the little finger: thc

These spacers can be used alone or stacked.
By trial and error with the combination of spacers, you can find the position and angle of VG-a1 that is best for you.

▶Compatible mice for installation
・finalmouse S size

▶Included items
・nTechFit-Spacer inc 1 piece
・nTechFit-Spacer dec 1 piece
・nTechFit-Spacer THC 1 piece
・double-sided tape for installation 4 times
*Mouse body and nTechFit body are not included .

 0.00220462 -  0.00440925 lbs. per piece

▶Installation guide
Attach about 3 pieces of double-sided tape to the recessed side and paste it on the mouse or other nTech Fit spacer.
*When removing from the mouse, slide it from the bottom of the mouse to make it easier to remove. Please be careful not to try to remove it by catching it with your fingernails as this may cause injury.

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