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Size: Iridium - 505x405mm
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This is the next evolution in accuracy and tracking. The Cerapad is a hard pad with a ceramic coating that gives you both speed and unsurpassed stopping power, making tracking feel effortless while allowing you to flick without worrying about overshooting.


How do you recommend I clean my Cerapad?

  • We recommend using some form of window cleaner and a cloth or paper towel.

What is the difference between the different versions of Cerapads?

  • The Cerapad is more of a speed pad. The Cerapad Kin is more of a control pad. Iridium, plutonium, etc. are names for the different sizes. 

How long does it take to break in the Cerapad?

  • It will take a minimum of 5 hours of gameplay to break in. 

What are the small grey spots on my Cerapad?

  • As the Cerapad is a handmade product, small greyish circles can appear from very small inconsistencies in the ceramic. They will not affect performance and they are not considered a defect.

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