Corepad Grips - Finalmouse Ultralight X - MEDIUM (Lion)

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Are you frustrated about losing control of your mouse at the crucial moment? Which gamer doesn't know that?
Do not despair because we have the solution for you with Corepad Soft Grips. Get the decisive advantage and experience the difference with the perfect connection between hand and mouse. Finally no more slipping - finally the perfect hold - finally absolute control over your mouse and thus also in the game!

Corepad Soft Grips are tailor-made soft grip stickers.
Corepad Soft Grips are made of high-quality, soft polymer-rubber material with a special textured surface.
Corepad Soft Grips absorb hand sweat, give you a perfect grip & give you absolute control.
Corepad Soft Grips are very thin and ergonomic.
Corepad Soft Grips have pressed edges to increase durability.
Corepad Soft Grips use high-quality 3M adhesive for the best possible hold and a long service life.
Corepad Soft Grips can be removed without leaving any residue - but not stuck on again.
Corepad Soft Grips always contain a double set for the side buttons.
Corepad Soft Grips are very easy to use - peel off - stick on - let's go!

Delivery: 1 Set Corepad Soft Grips (1 pcs l+r Front Button / 1 pcs l+r Side / 4x left Side Button / 1x Back) for one application, instruction


  • High quality soft polymer rubber material
  • Special texture surface
  • Non-slip surface for an ideal hold
  • Absorbs hand sweat
  • 3M adhesive self-adhesive - residue-free removal
  • Elastic structure for perfect moldability
  • High stability - easy to clean
  • Ergonomic material thickness


  • Perfect fit
  • High quality material
  • Sweat absorbent
  • Ergonomically thin
  • Pressed edges
  • High quality 3M glue
  • Elastic structure
  • Can be removed without leaving any residue
  • Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning


  • Clean the surface of the mouse
  • Let the mouse dry slowly
  • Look where each grip has to be placed
  • Carefully remove one grip from the foil
  • Touch the adhesive surface as little as possible
  • Stick the grip to the corresponding place
  • Shape the grip ideally to the mouse
  • Successively place all the other grips


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