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1 pack contains 2 sets of Skatez.

Corepad Skatez consists of 100% pure quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene - Colloquially this plastic is often referred to by the trade name Teflon® DuPont™) and therefore offers excellent lubrication at high load capacity. The stiction coefficient is below 0,06μ and thus far below the sliding friction.

Corepad Skatez are naturally self-adhesive. Here too, only high-quality 3M self adhensive foil is used for the ideal stick of Corepad Skatez.

This model Corepad Skatez is made in a special manufacturing process with rounded edges to avoid mousepad grinding, scratching and hooking and thus further to optimize the sliding properties of your mouse. In combination with the high-quality materials used in the manufacture and in which Corepad makes no compromises, you can be sure that with Corepad Skatez you will always get high-quality replacement mouse feet.

You can be sure that Corepad makes no compromises when material is selected and you always get the best quality with Corepad Skatez.

Thickness: 0.85mm

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