FOCUS x Aimlabs - Pro Sleeve [LIMITED EDITION]

Size: XS
Color: Smoke

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This is a Limited Edition Sleeve and will only be available for a short time! 


In partnership with Aimlabs, Focus proudly presents the pinnacle of Esports performance sleeves.


Comfortable, Elastic and crafted for use on any surface or mouse pad, The sleeve guarantees a seamlessly smooth glide allowing you to concentrate on mastering your aim.


The sleeve takes the features of the Focus Pro Sleeve and improves upon it. Featuring a signature ‘Smoke’ design, this isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. It also features a heat treating process that reduces friction between fabric mouse pads and the sleeve. Offering that signature smooth glide.


This iteration of our Arm Sleeves introduces a new innovative material choice that is specifically designed for use with abrasive fabric 'Control' style mouse pads.


Elevate your game, achieve unprecedented scores, and dominate the competition with a sleeve that is made for the best.


Our question to you is... Are you ready to hit some high scores? 




- Anti-Slip Gel Band: To keep it in place during long sessions.

- Inner Stitching: No more fraying or catching on pads!

- High Quality Fabric: Polyester + Spandex blend.

- Breathable: Polyester woven to be breathable for long use.

- Accurate Sizing: Updated and accurate sizing chart with multiple options.

- Designed For Control Pads: Heat treated polyester allows more consistent glide on abrasive mouse pads.

- High Quality Printing: High quality dying process +logos and design all printed onto the sleeve to prevent inconsistency.


This arm sleeve is specifically designed for mouse pads that have abrasive or exposed fiber weaving which is commonly found on 'Control' style mouse pads. From our testing it will work with most pads on the market but your usage may vary.








Length 37CM

Bicep 24CM

Wrist 16.5CM




Length 38CM

Bicep 27CM

Wrist 17.5CM




Length 39CM

Bicep 30CM

Wrist 18.5CM




Length 40CM

Bicep 33CM

Wrist 19.5CM




Length 41CM

Bicep 36CM

Wrist 20.5CM

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