Nitro-Factory nTech Fit LF-A1 Attachment for Razer Viper V3 (VV3)


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nTech Fit is an aftermarket part that allows you to customize the shape of your gaming mouse.

Until now, you could only passively wait for the ideal mouse that suited you. However, shape customization allows you to actively create the ideal shape that suits you.

nTech Fit is conceptualized as a tool that will serve as a foundation for shape customization and allow more users to creatively explore their ideal shape.



The LF-a1 features nTech Fit, which allows for space between your thumb and ring finger when you hold the mouse with your fingers slightly outstretched.

If you hold the pen with the second joint of your thumb extended at about 90 to 180 degrees, your thumb and ring finger may interfere with each other depending on the length and balance of your fingers.

This interference limits the range of motion when bending the index and ring fingers, restricting the up and down movement of the mouse.

This up and down mouse movement is used not only for aiming up and down, but also to adjust the height of the crosshair, which is a secondary movement when moving the mouse left and right.

If you simply move the mouse left and right, the height of the crosshair will go up and down, but you unconsciously correct this difference by moving the mouse back and forth with your fingertip or something similar.

By creating horizontal space between your index finger and ring finger, your fingers will not interfere with each other, eliminating restrictions on the range of motion for up and down mouse movements, allowing for more natural body movements.


▶Compatible mice for installation

・Razer Viper V3 Pro


▶Included items

・1 nTech Fit
・12 pieces of double-sided tape for installation

*Three pieces of double-sided tape are required per installation.
*Mouse body not included.



Approx. 4g


▶Installation guide

Simply attach the included double-sided tape to the round double-sided tape attachment area on the cut-out side, then attach it to your mouse and use it.

The trick to installing it is to first place it on top and adjust the position, and then once you've decided on the position, press it down so that it's completely fixed in place.

*When removing it from the mouse, it will be easier to remove it by sliding the flat surface of the nTechFit from underneath the mouse.

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