Nitro-Factory nTech Fit VG-A1 Attachment for Finalmouse S (FMS)


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nTech Fit is a customized part that can be attached to a gaming mouse to change its shape to a specific way of holding it.

By customizing the shape, you can make the mouse fit the way you hold it, allowing you to get the feeling of aiming closer to your ideal.

▶ Features

The VG-a1 fms is designed to allow the little finger to be gripped in a more natural position in order to improve the uncomfortable and cramped feeling around the little finger that Victory users often experience.

The name Victory Holder comes from the shape of the grip, which resembles a victory sign (peace sign) when viewed from above.

It has a grip that you can squeeze between the sides of your fingers and your thumb, making it popular for fast-moving FPS titles such as Apex.

▶ Compatible mice for installation

・finalmouse S size

  ▶ Included items

・1 x nTech Fit
・4 doses of double-sided tape for installation
*Mouse itself is not included.

▶ Weight

0.006614 lbs.

▶Installation guide

Attach the included double-sided tape to the round double-sided tape attachment point on the cut-out side and attach it to the mouse.

The trick to installing it is to first place it on it, adjust its position, and once the position is determined, press it down to secure it completely.

*When removing from the mouse, slide the flat side of nTechFit from the bottom of the mouse to make it easier to remove.


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