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SoSpacers SHAPE SHIFT is a set of 6 mouse shape-shifting attachments. These attachments allow the user to entirely alter the shape and curvature of any mouse. With surface angles that range from super aggressive to fully passive. The set comes with 6 unique attachments of which 2 are for the inner/thumb area, and 4 are for the outer pinky/ring finger area. These attachments allow the user to create the angles that suite their mouse grip style and take advantage of the new created contact points. Rather than experimenting with endless expensive mice to find the right shape, SHAPE SHIFT can bring the right shape to any mouse of your choosing. Transforming mice you already have, into end game shapes.

To better explain these attachments we will be using SoSpacers PVA (PASSIVE VS AGGRESIVE) scale.

1 on this scale would mean the slope of the attachment is very passive and would accommodate for comfort. Making any mouse usable for long periods of time without any fatigue.

10 on this scale would mean the slope of the attachment is very aggressive and is designed entirely for fast paced competitive AIM or GAMING scenarios. with the downside being hand fatigue after long periods of gaming. 

Product Details: 

SHAPE SHIFT comes as a set of 6 attachments.

2 attachments cater to the thumb/button area of the mouse and 4 cater to the outside pinky/ring finger area. 

Thumb/Inner Side Attachments:

TN1 (thumb neutral 1) is a passive shape when compared to the others. This shape follows the natural curvature of the thumb and allows for more surface contact as well as new contact points for better control. This places the TN1 as a 4 on the PVA scale.

TA1  (thumb aggressive 1) Does the same job as the TN1 but with a more aggressive angle which is more suitable for aggressive claw players. The slope of of TA1 is further forward and much steeper. This attachment is designed more for high speed gameplay and fast micro-adjustments. This places the TA1 as a 6 on the PVA scale.

Outer Side Attachments:

The outer side attachments consist of 4 very specific shapes. 

P1 (Passive 1)  is a passive angled shape which feels more ergonomic while also providing increased surface contact. This shape is designed to allow the pinky/ring fingers to rest in a comfortable position while providing added surface contact, in-turn making your mouse easier to control. P1 is designed with comfort in mind while also being very competitive AIM/GAMING oriented. This places the P1 as a 6 on the PVA scale.

P2 (Passive 2) is a very passive tilted shape which caters to players who like to have their pinky/ring finger in a more forward position on the mouse. The shape slopes downwards and out, providing a base the pinky to rest on allowing for down/inward pressure. This places the P2 as a 2 one the PVA scale.

N1 (Neutral 1) Is a mostly neutral shape which is designed to make the mouse shape slightly wider, and also provide further shape and curvature to the forward most part of the attachment. The N1 scales in as a 5 on the PVA scale. 

AGGRO is our favorite shape. Using this attachment is comparable to going Super Saiyan for the first time, hitting GEAR 5, or using BLACK FLASH. Simply put, this attachment allows you to become the GOD version of yourself. The super aggressive contouring of this shape allows the pinky finger to latch on perfectly. Giving the user more control than they've ever imagined could be obtained with shapes. On the PVA  scale. AGGRO comes in as a 9. This is the furthest and highest we can go without comfort becoming a sacrifice. 

SHAPE SHIFT will change any ordinary mouse into an ABSOLUTE weapon.

A single set comes with 6 attachments, TN1, TA1, P1, P2, N1, and AGGRO

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