Wraith Armor Grips - Razer Viper V2 Pro

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Wraith Armor Mouse Grip Tape

Do not compromise on your aiming performance in sprays and exciting moments with the grips that will help you to grip your mouse well in all conditions. Wraith armor will protect the paint and texture of your mouse for a long time while eliminating the lubricating effect of sweat and external factors on the plastic surface of the mouse. 



It has a shiny and micro serrated rubber texture. The high quality rubber surrounding the fibrous structure inside was developed to last through long gaming sessions. Your finger will lock onto the mouse surface like Thor's hammer.

Sand White (Soft)

Thanks to its matte and softer texture, it provides more comfort to your fingers while not sacrificing grip performance. It is produced from a special rubber unique to Wraith Esports, which is very difficult to process, especially for those with sweating problems. The carefully selected tone adds an elegant aesthetic to both light and dark colored mice. 


How is it applied?

Our cutouts are designed to fit snugly against the surface of your mouse. You can separate the parts you will place from the transfer paper on which they come and apply them directly to the mouse surface.

If you want to remove it after full adhesion is achieved, the adhesive layer may remain on the mouse surface. In this case, you can easily roll up the remaining layer with your hand, and if there are any residues, you can easily remove these adhesive residues by using the alcohol wipes that come in the package.

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