Wraith Cosmic Glass V2 Mousepad

Surface: Control
Color: Black

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Weight: 4.5 lbs

Material: Reinforced Glass

Hydrophobic Glass Surface

The weakest point of mousepads in the hardpad category is that they get wet and turn into a sticky surface in long-term use. To deal with this problem, Wraith Cosmic Glass was developed with a special micro-texture that contributes to the evaporation of water.

Ease of Cleaning

Since fabric mousepads trap sweat and dust between their fibers, they need periodic maintenance and cleaning. Glass mousepads, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a water spray and microfiber cloth as they may only contain dust on their surface.

Reinforced Glass

Since Cosmic Glass is made of reinforced glass, it is resistant to cracking or breaking. In our own tests, it did not break even when dropped from table level to the ground.


As Turkey's only domestic skatez manufacturer, we conducted deep research on the friction coefficients and feelings of materials. From these investigations we developed a microtexture that balances lubricity with stopping power.

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