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ESPTiger QingSui 2 Pro+ Gaming Mousepad - The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Control!
  • EAN: 6973429533463
  • Product dimension: 480x400x6mm
  • Weight with shipping box: 2.45lbs
  • Features an new and improved ER Acrylic Rubber sole for maximum comfort
  • Has a grid pattern anti-slip base to prevent slipping


Anti-fatigue properties: The sole can help to reduce the onset of fatigue and pain associated with extended periods of computer use by providing a comfortable and supportive surface.

Durable: ER Acrylic Rubber is a durable material that can withstand extended periods of use without losing its shape or cushioning properties.

- Ergonomic design: The sole is designed to fit the natural shape of the user's wrist and hand, which can reduce strain and discomfort during extended periods of use

- Softness and cushioning: The material used in the sole is soft and cushioned, which can

- Longlasting - Has a high-density comfort stitched edge for increased durability

Feature Description
EAN 6973429533463
Item Size 16.25 x 16.25 x 0.5 inches
Package Size 20.0 x 16.75 x 0.75 inches
Package Weight 2.45 lbs with shipping box
Title ESPTiger QingSui 2 Pro+ Cloth Fabric Large Size Gaming MousePad
Compatibility 100% Compatible with all mice
Thickness 6mm thick
Base Material Improved ER Acrylic Rubber sole with grid pattern anti-slip base
Durability Increased durability due to the improved ER Acrylic Rubber sole and high-density comfort stitched edge

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