Tenshi Mousepad Limited Edition

Color: Shiro (White)

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Tenshi Shiro and Kuro Limited Edition Mousepads

Product Description: Introducing the Tenshi Shiro and Kuro Limited Edition Mousepads, meticulously designed by Kanami. These exclusive mousepads are crafted with precision to enhance your gaming and computing experience. Embrace the beauty and elegance of the Tenshi Shiro and Kuro, available in a limited quantity.

Product Features:

  • Size: 450x450x3mm, providing ample space for smooth and precise mouse movements.
  • Smooth Speed Surface: Enjoy seamless gliding and precise tracking with the specially engineered smooth speed surface, optimized for both gaming and daily computer use.
  • Custom Art Box: Each mousepad comes in a stunning custom art box, showcasing Kanami's captivating artwork, making it an excellent collector's item or gift for a fellow enthusiast.
  • Limited Edition: These mousepads are strictly limited in quantity, ensuring exclusivity for those who manage to own one.

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