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Tang Dao X

The Tang Dao X is a new version of the classic Tang Dao from the Shan Hai Series, featuring a choice of new bottom adhesive material that utilizes the latest SCR material for the base. The Tang Dao SR retains the same fabric texture as the classic version while offering a wider range of options for the softness/hardness of the bottom material. The new bottom material has shown excellent performance in anti-slip tests on various low-friction surfaces such as spliced desktops, wood grain imitations, patches, and marble. Tang Dao SR maintains the same thickness as the classic Tang Dao, which is 6mm.

The Tang Dao X uses colored fabrics that maximize the tactile experience, with three color options: blue, purple, and orange.

Ranking of Bottom Material Softness of Tang Dao

The softness of the Tang Dao from the Shan Hai Series falls between "soft" and "ultra-soft."

The softness of the Tang Dao X is "soft."

The softness of the Tang Dao SR falls between "soft" and “hard”.

The Tang Dao X uses a solid orange fabric with the Tiger Seal emblem, preserving the natural texture of the fabric to the maximum extent.

The Tang Dao X and the Tang Dao from the Shan Hai Series both use the same blended composite fabric and belong to the balanced control mouse pad category. It provides better stopping and stability during precise aiming and wrist adjustments in short TTK games. The twisted woven thread provides a slight velvet-like glide.

Fabric: Blended composite flat woven fiber

Base adhesive: New version of SCR

Thickness: 6mm

Size: 480*400mm

Curling: Can be rolled up, but cannot be rolled in reverse

Regarding Bottom Adhesive

The Tang Dao X uses the latest 6mm SCR bottom material, which offers excellent anti-slip performance on different desktop surfaces.

Regarding Edge Stitching

The Tang Dao X uses edge stitching materials that match the color scheme of the pad's surface. It features a densely stitched edge, optimized edge locking technology, and fine edge stitching. The edge stitching is slightly recessed compared to the surface of the mouse pad, providing a better user experience for players with different mouse usage habits.

Regarding Packaging

The Tang Dao X is packaged in a flat style.

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